Ed J Simpson is an artist living and working in London.

This blog is an online scrap book, a place to gather found images that inspire me, as well as show my own artwork.

For more information and images please visit: www.edjsimpson.co.uk


MA Fine Art at University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art, 2000-2005.

Post Grad MFA in Art, Space and Nature at Edinburgh College of Art, 2005-2007.

Selected Exhibitions


-‘Tall Tales’, Fringe Arts Bath 2014 , Bath, UK


-‘PLAZA+Gateau Shop’, Gateau Shop, BoxPark, London

MK Calling, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK


-‘Resort’, Wavelengths Leisure Centre, Deptford X 2012, London

-‘Westworld’, Zero, Kline, Coma, London

-’At Home with the Ludskis’, Rio Cinema, Dalston, London


-‘Deptford X’, Number 82 gallery, Deptford X, London

-’At Home with The Ludskis’, Rio Cinema, Dalston, London

-‘Film Club’, screening of Plaza Audio Guide, Number 82 gallery, London

-‘Plaza’, Shipton Street Gallery, London


-’Searching: A series of monologues’, ShowFlat, London

-’Dalston Underground 10 Years’, London


-‘FIS Athlone’, Athlone, Ireland

-‘Knowing Architecture’ a series of performances, Hoffman Square, London


-‘Visitor Information’, ShowFlat, London


-‘London Artist’s Book Fair’, ICA, London

-‘ASN Degree Show’, Edinburgh

-‘Urbaganic’, Killin, Perthshire

-‘Diorama’, Multrees Walk, Edinburgh

-‘Uber m n fluss’, Deutzer Brucke, Cologne

-‘Analysis’, John David Mooney Foundation, Chicago


-‘Architectural Pastiche’, The Box, Edinburgh

-Sleeper Gallery, Darnaway St, Edinburgh

-‘the ELK foundation’, a series of collaborative exhibitions, various venues

-‘Absent Minded’, Point Hotel, Edinburgh

-‘Do Something for Wilderness and Make the Mountains Glad’, Demarco Foundation, Skateraw,   Dunbar.

-‘Not Botanic?’, Caledonian Hall, Royal Edinburgh Botanical Gardens


-‘By Leaves we Live’, Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh, and Centre for Fine Print Research, Bristol

-‘Pencil on Paper’, Amber Roome, Edinburgh

-‘The Gang Show’, The Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh

Residencies/Artist assistance

-Editorial assistant, Memory Marathon and Garden Marathon publications, Serpentine Gallery, London, 2013.

-Residency, FIS Athlone, Athlone, Ireland, 2009

-Residency, John David Mooney Foundation, Chicago, 2007.

-Assisted with ‘Old Town New Town No Town?’ for Gross Max, part of ‘Northern City: Between Light and Dark’ at The Lighthouse, Glasgow, 2006.

-Residency, Wysing Art Centre, Cambridgeshire, 2006.


Short-listed, Beers Contemporary Award for Emerging Art, 2014

-’MK Calling’, exhibition catalogue, MK Gallery

-‘You’ve never seen anything like it: Central Milton Keynes’, PLAZA feature by Beyond Text, http://www.unmakingthings.rca.ac.uk

-‘Westworld’, exhibition catalogue

PLAZA, series of publications

-‘FIS Athlone’, exhibition catalogue

-‘Uber m n fluss’, exhibition catalogue

-‘Northern City: Between Light and Dark’, exhibition catalogue

-Andrew Grant Bequest, 2005

-MAP magazine, ‘Pick of the Degree Shows’, July 2005.

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